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Hi I'm Joey Montano

I solve digital problems related to all things digital marketing, growth, and businesses

Not all marketing consultants are the same. My goal is to help your business grow, discover pain points, and help you achieve results. My background offers a unique blend of leadership, innovative thinking, and productive growth. Here's what makes me different.

Serial Entrepreneur

I’m always testing new marketing methods and tactics on my personal ventures (blogging, e-commerce, content, startups, service-based companies).

I communicate based on experience and not just from ‘theory’. You need to team up with an expert who understands your concerns in the digital realm.

Data & Behavioral Driven

It’s one thing to ‘think’ and ‘assume’, but until we get our hands on data we cannot make accurate assessments. Unfortunately, without context, data doesn’t have much value.

By including behavioral insights with data, I help ensure your brand matches your audience.

Problem Solver

It doesn’t matter the industry, company size, or expectation. Solving digital problems is a passion of mine and I’m glad to help in these avenues

Some include–SEO | Paid Ads | Video Entertainment | Startups | Franchises | SMB’s | B2B & B2C


If you would like to work with me as a contractor or a consultant, don’t hesitate to send me a message. I try to be as transparent as possible, so feel free to read a few blog articles or check out my LinkedIn profile.

Let's Work Together

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2019 New Years Resolutions

I thought it was a great idea to hop on the site to see how much writing I’ve done on here. Turns out I haven’t been giving a lot of love to my own ‘personal’ site. I still believe in creating a resolution list is a great exercise to refocus...
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