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Hi I'm Joey Montano

I've always wondered how people find this site.

I've also wondered if you found this site by googling yourself with the same name. Welcome to the website. Wander about, I hope to entertain.

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Self-branding shouldn’t have to be an identity crisis

when I was 12 I thought having a website with my name would be the coolest thing ever. When I was able to afford a domain, I bought it. Yay! I laid claim to the [dot] com. But I always thought it would be funny to say fuck it and...

Google My Business Categories Full List for 2020 [Updated]

If you are a business that has something to offer to potential customers, getting on Google My Business is the easiest way to get your organization in front of thousands of eyeballs, for free! When most people sign up for Google My Business, they prompted to pick a relevant category for...
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