I thought it was a great idea to hop on the site to see how much writing I’ve done on here. Turns out I haven’t been giving a lot of love to my own ‘personal’ site.

I still believe in creating a resolution list is a great exercise to refocus and realign your goals. This could have been done at any other time besides early January, but with my move across the country and the holiday season winding up, now is as good a time as ever. 2018 was hands down the worst year I’ve ever had, there isn’t much need to dwell on the bad stuff but at least it’s over!

Some of these resolutions will be similar to the last time I wrote them (actually, looking back I didn’t do half bad), so let’s go!

My 2019 Resolutions

  • Focus on being more relaxed in general
    • Try meditating 3x a week for 5-10 minutes
    • Stop overcommitting to things that don’t require overcommitment
  • Continue to learn
    • Read 20 books this year
    • Learn a new skill
    • Open up more in conversation and get back to digesting different perspectives instead of assuming I’m always right
  • Make an app, and by ‘make’ I mean not just coming up with the idea.
  • Write 100 articles (more of a goal, I wrote about 80-90 last year in about a 4-month span)
  • Buy a house (in progress)
  • Get involved in real estate
    • Wholesaling
    • AirBnB (Listing Management & Hosting)
  • Increase my network
    • Go to at least 15 meetup events this year
  • Launch a podcast/youtube channel and create 10 podcasts/videos
  • Launch two new websites (maybe do one that is focused on creating leads?)

Some other goals/resolutions to aim for that I should continue to keep working on, regardless of the year.

  • Get back to 150lbs
  • Get to 8% body fat
  • Grow an awesome beard
  • Update this site, I do a lot more than just ‘PPC” and the site should be reflected off that.

That’s it fam!