Remember 45 days ago? Most of us told ourselves that we would do things for 2016? Welp, here we are in mid-February and I want to keep myself accountable for my progress so far.

I set out several New Years resolutions. Time to go down the list!

Create at least 1 more website

Completed! (Kind of). I began creating a blog focusing on marketing, but I’ve been side-tracked due to higher priorities. I’ll get back to this later.

Develop a Udemy Course

33% complete! I have created a new Udemy course, mapped out the lectures (100) and have begun creating content. At this point, I have 2 lectures complete, but I’m glad to have created the first steps. Unfortunately, the last 2 weeks I’ve been prepping for my wedding and was struck with an illness that prevented me from speaking. Now that I’m much better, I hope to pick this up again.

Guest post on 10 different blogs

Current at 2! I might want to update this down the road, but 20% of the way there!

Write 50 blog posts spread from my personal blogs and guest posts

This might be a little ambitious as I realize that this is about one a week. Considering my mild ADHD, this could be a stretch. But at this point, I have 2 other blog posts that are awaiting approval. But right now my priority is work & my Udemy course. I think I have about 6 blog posts so far so not bad.

Get to 8% body fat

I started around 24% around 190 lbs. As of now, I’m about 178lbs with around 20% body fat. I’m trying to make a strong push to get in great shape before the wedding 8 weeks from now so I want to continue to make progress.

Go to the gym at least 5x a week

I probably should’ve made this (be active 5x a week). Until my illness, I was averaging 5 days / week. But now I want to focus more time lifting weights over cardio, so a 3-4x gym a day + 1-2 days cardio average would be ideal.

Complete a data science course (learn Python, R, SQL)

This is still on the backburner for awhile.

Grow an awesome mustache

I’ve achieved “creeper” mustache. I’ll give this another attempt in a few months.

Have a vacation that isn’t visiting family

I’ll get back to this one.

Improve on networking (toastmasters or marketing meetups)

I haven’t been doing this. I should, but I’m still pretty busy with other arrangements. Maybe this will change after my wedding.

Have this website rank #1 in Google for “Joey Montano”

After a month, this site ranks #16 on Google. Too bad my other profiles online rank much higher. I still have the rest of the year to get to #1.

Participate in social media more frequently

This I have been doing for a month, I will probably write a follow-up article on this. But for the last 21+ days, I have made a real effort in social media and it seems to be working (at least with getting engaged)

Future Plans

My ADHD keeps me all over the place (unfortunately) so it can be tough for me to stick to one item. But I would rather be busy focusing on 3-4 things than doing nothing at all. Below are some additional items that have interested me during these past 45 days that I might want to get involved with either this year or next year (add this to my NY Resolution post).

  • Importing / Exporting Brokerage
  • Get heavily involved in a startup
  • Start building an email list with affiliate marketing