I am super excited to be launching my own personal website. Granted, I’m just a regular guy who loves to solve problems and come up with strategies. But, this has probably been the 3rd iteration of this website in 3 years. Today I am finally ready to unhide my website from the search engines and will (hopefully) contribute my ideas and thoughts.

Why did it take so long to launch?

I can’t exactly pinpoint the reason why it’s taken me 3 years to finally make this site live.  With the exclusion of my past days of doing stand-up comedy, I’ve always chosen the “behind the scenes” path. When I first got into the realm of digital marketing I have had the itch to create content, write blogs, be a professional blogger & work for myself. But creating content for the sake of creating content (as a professional), especially when I’m not an expert at something, didn’t really sit well for me.

It’s my personal mantra that unless you have an idea of what you are talking about, there isn’t a real point to create content around it. I’ve gotten older (30 now) and have gotten much more experience with all aspects of digital marketing, working with clients, doing my own affiliate marketing, experiencing failure and success, working with data, and problem-solving.

But that being said I don’t imagine that a majority of my blog will be revolved around that. I could be wrong, but I have created two categories for this blog post that isn’t related to marketing at all. Overall, as I’m writing this post I am feeling much better about creating content. I guess the biggest hurdle for me is getting that initial bump to take action.

The Momentum Effect

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but once you start doing an activity for a couple of days, you start to build momentum and habits can begin to form. I hope I will be able to achieve that in regards to content creation in either a form of blogging, videos.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, my momentum swings go from 0-to-100 or 100-to-0.

I initially set up the website as you see it now back in June of 2015, but I never got around to doing the “about me” and “contact” pages so I stopped. Fast forward 6 months I just happened to look at my website and noticed that the footer wasn’t complete and I spent the last few hours making all the changes I had intended on making. Now I’m writing my first blog post on my website with about a half-dozen other posts ready to be created.

Either way, 2015 was a great year for me and I plan to make 2016 even better!

Inspirational Link of The Day – “One is Greater Than Zero” (video)