when I was 12 I thought having a website with my name would be the coolest thing ever. When I was able to afford a domain, I bought it. Yay! I laid claim to the [dot] com. But I always thought it would be funny to say fuck it and write whatever.

But then I got into marketing and the idea of personal branding always felt off to me personally. To be known as ‘one’ thing? wtf, I’m not trying to be an ELON, ZUCK, GATES.

It also hit me that if I ever once Googled myself, another person with the same name might have done the same at some other point in time (sidenote: I also don’t know if these are esoteric thoughts or if everyone has them (or both?). So to the Joey Montano’s out there, hi.

Anyways, I hate the idea of branding myself and social media irks me. I don’t want to pigeonhole my fellow same names.  I have links on the footer of the site on items I’m involved with. If you are reading this then congrats on taking the energy to read this blog post!

I also update this site every 2-3 years. So this iteration is TBD.